I have dedicated my professional life to getting people to make healthier food choices. I quickly understood that food education was only a small part of the solution, with the real challenge being supporting people to make sustainable and meaningful change over the long-term.  For over 20 years I have successfully partnered with my patients to make the difficult choices that lead to improved health outcomes.


There is huge reward in empowering my patients to turn towards the wise options available to them, and resisting the well-funded media machines that constantly erode our good judgement. I am proud that I have helped literally thousands of patients to healthier, happier and more energetic outcomes.  


I am a strong believer that the foods we ingest play a significant role in many of the diseases that we as Australians increasingly suffer from and am proud to be an active participant in the fight against the growing obesity epidemic that is plaguing the nation.


I have chosen to share my in-depth knowledge of nutrition to empower my clients to take control of their health and improve the quality of their life. There is no quick fix and it’s a fight that often needs the support of the dietician, the family and that of their inner-circle, but it’s a fight that I’m used to winning.


It’s evidencing the daily successes that keeps me passionate about the profession in general and my clinic in particular.


I am confident that with the right level of commitment we can do great things together.