I have run a successful practice as a clinical dietitian for over twenty years. My passion is making a difference in people's lives by enabling them to make better choices to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I aim to to motivate people through education and increasing their awareness and self-belief to make positive change. 

Sandy Heymann


As a young woman, I grabbed the first opportunity to actualize my life-long passion for the food sciences by studying for a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics. I continued my learning with a 4-year stint at Ichilov Hospital as the in-house dietitian rotating through the general wards, then the emergency room and finally the outpatient paediatric gastroenterology department. 


Over the years I furthered my studies with various courses including diabetes, renal disorders and the psychology of eating.


In conjunction with my private clinic I gained valuable experience working as the support dietitian on a multi-disciplinary team at a private adult eating-disorder clinic.


Today, as an Accredited Practising Dietitian, I am satisfied that I can offer my patients a strong synthesis of theoretical and practical knowledge along with well-grounded guidance gleaned from broad experience.